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Roman Ventures Builds A Business!
Roman Ventures is pleased to announce the completion of a project that has created an entirely new business for one of its best customers!
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The Williams Candy Company ( in Coney Island, New York is one of the best known candy stores in America if not the world.  It is located right next store to Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs on Ocean Avenue in Coney Island and has been for 75 years.

Recently the current owner, Peter Agrapides, made a decision to expand his operations. Many people come into the store ONCE and rave about the Candy Apples, Carmel apples and other goodies that are all made right there in the store.  Those customers leave the store and return to where ever they live, be it in America or a foreign country….But, once they leave they are lost customers forever. 

Peter chose to work with Roman Ventures LLC on a multi-stage process to bring his business into the 21st century and prepare it for growth well into the future. 

Phase One:

The first part of the project was the creation of a state of the art website.  The challenge this part is to get not just a photo of a certain candy product, but to convey to the viewer that Williams makes their delicious products right in the store, using tools that they have had forever.  It is also to get the visitor to the website and almost smell that wonderful aroma of a candy store that makes the products on site.

Roman Ventures used many approaches before hitting on a composite of photos, not just average photos, but high resolution shots that blended shapes, colors and products into a view where a visitor could almost touch the Candy Apples and other treats.

Phase Two:

This was done during the summer months as that is the season at Coney Island. RV developed an entire program to create an e-commerce store.  But RV went far beyond the simple listing of products available for sale, it breathed life into the project by developing packaging that allows the fragile Candy Apples and Carmel Apples to be shipped long distances and arrive in “At the Store” condition.  All products that were sold required special packaging that met FDA regulations, all labels (Also designed, developed and printed by RV) met FDA standards. The Bursting Strength of the outer shipping boxes was also developed by RV.

Phase Three:

This was the bringing together all phases of the e-commerce store. The listing of products, with photos showing each item, with the cost per item and number of items per carton, then adding the list to the Point of Sale Credit Card Purchasing System so when a customer is finished purchasing and ordering the kind of shipping they want, they simply hit the Purchase Button and that part of the transaction is completed.  RV selected the shippers, and tied the shipping of goods into the computerized e-commerce site that  generates the shipping label and the shipping costs back to the Williams Candy Site.

The people at Williams Candy in Coney Island are experts at making Candy Treats.  They are not experts in website development, branding, logo design, e-commerce, Point of Purchase Systems, designing packaging, labels, cardboard shipping containers and insuring that it all meets FDA requirements.  They are not UPS or FEDEX shipping experts either, but today, if you type the words into your computer from anywhere in the world, you can be eating the BEST candy apples, carmel apples, coated in carmel with nuts, marshmallow coatings, etc. all deliverd to your home.

Roman Media Group has broad and vast experience in shipping food products such as candy, wine, frozen ice cream and ice cream specialties.  We can take your idea, your dream for your store and turn it into a reality!

Hard goods, soft goods, perishables, digital products and , yes, even Candy Apples can be sold, shipped and arrive in excellent condition using the RV proven methodologies.

No matter what your products or commodities, call RV and get them involved in your project, work with them to turn your dream into a reality.  Most important is that RV does all of this and does it for very reasonable prices. If you can dream it, Roman Ventures will help you to do it…

Please contact us at Roman Ventures to learn more.

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