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Proven Track Record
Roman Ventures is unique in that we offer a long record of success.
We hope that someone seeking our services takes a minute to contact our clients!
The Roman Ventures Portfolio shows a group of state of the art services that get the job done.
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Roman Ventures Clients
Roman Ventures Clients make for a happy group of people. Click here to view all of our clients and to read testimonials on what they have to say about us. Thanks for visiting!

Roman Ventures has assisted many people transform their dreams into reality. Please click below to see the results of our talented team. Feel free to contact any of our satisfied clients for a reference.

Applied Behavioral Sciences, Inc.
Accelerant Sales Group, LLC
Sperro Metal Products LLC
Cross Country Installations, Inc.
A&W Floor Covering, Inc.
Daniel Margotta
Steve Salerno Jazz
Khore Studio, Inc.
Solazzare LLC
Advanced Project Services LLC
Frank Zotynia and Son
Northern New Jersey Telecom Grp
Piano Forte , LLC
The Father Society
Professional Diving Services
Our Lady of Mercy Parish
All Yacht Services LLC
A.P. Associates Contracting
Refreshence LLC
M.P.M. Landscaping, Inc.
Sag Harbor Cove Yacht Club
Poseidon Pool & Spa LLC
Tutor Excellence
Mind Body Excellence
Armor Sprinkler
Accelerant Sales Training
JMK Shows
McFay Contracting
Jersey Boy Bagels
JustAir Backpacks
AGCC Psychotherapy Services
Peace of Mind Automotive
St. Christopher Parish
MVP Camps
RBI Clinics

Roman New York Books:

90 First Dates
Communication between men and woman has always been one of life's great mysteries. Stephen J. Roman, Sr., author of 90 First Dates, asks 21 successful bachelors the tough questions regarding women and receives some very surprising answers. Available now on AUDIO!!!
Click here to learn more! Click here to buy now!


Why brand multiple companies?

Search Engine Optimization. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to have multiple search engine index listings for multiple products or services within one URL (Uniform Resource Locator or more commonly called a domain name). A Roman Venture succeeds independently, drawing its own leads from search engines as well as traditional marketing campaigns. Each venture has its own brand, identity and website to improve its search engine visibility. (To learn more about SEO, please visit Roman Media Group.)

Motivation. Roman Ventures believes that when people get lost in an organization, their motivation plummits. However, when an individual is a part of a small, dynamic team, in which he or she owns equity as well as earns a salary, their motivation, creativity and loyalty skyrocket.

Productivity. Roman Ventures' Strategic Business Units each have their own mission, products/services, sales and profit targets. Each has its own director while utilizing shared resources of the other business units, such as marketing, advertising and other support services.

Fun. Because it is fun to drive creativity in the design of a company, its identity, team and vendors. We believe that our approach of continual learning, and applied creativity is what keeps our clients happy, coming back, and referring other people to us. We believe and conduct businiss in line Peter Robinson's quote:

"Sometimes during the two year curriculum, every MBA student ought to hear it clearly stated that numbers, techniques, and analysis are all side matters. What is really central to business is the joy of creating."
-Peter Robinson, Author of The Red Herring

What makes a Roman Venture unique?

Leadership. Leaders in the areas of technology and research, business and operations as well as entrepreneurs, all with proven records of success, have joined Roman Ventures team with a common vision of bringing cutting-edge ideas to market.

We perform extensive analysis to see if there is a qualified market for the business and if the business is high growth or a lifestyle model. We then write a business plan, including pro-forma analysis, to provide the valuation of the venture. We use this business plan in several ways: 1) to be a beacon of light to guide the business' day to day operations 2) to be presented to a bank for debt financing 3) to be presented to an investor for equity financing options.

Our entrepreneurial & Fortune 500 executive experience provides us with the tools and the mind-set required to build a company from scratch, secure a successful launch and ensure sustained growth.

Belief in YOU!

Our company culture recognizes genius in the creative ideas of the individual and gives them the tools to bring that idea, first, to a form of service, then to a business for commercial application. The quote by Jim Rohn below summarizes perfectly our vision behind Roman New York and how each individual can, if willing, play their great role in helping the world define truth.

"Gather up all you can; the hopes, the sorrows, the friendships, the achievements and the disappointments. Gather it all, that it may teach you, and in turn, that the lessons you have learned may become perhaps a part of the legacy that you leave behind for your children, and indeed, the world at large. By doing so, they add to the history of all mankind and to the collective heritage. Truly, the most valuable treasure anyone can leave behind is the knowledge they have acquired in their one liftime."

- Jim Rohn

Strategic Business Units

Roman Media Group
Do you want a cutting edge corporate identity and state of the art website and media for your business? Roman Media Group may be the company for which you are searching. read more
Create the life you know you deserve! Check out our new television show, You will reach your goals faster and will enjoy the show! See you there! Don't forget to Fan us on Facebook so we can keep you abreast of new, powerful episodes!
read more

Roman Speaking
Does your organization seek inspiration, knowledge and fun? If so, book a speaker from Roman Speaking and bring your organizational performance to new levels.
read more
GET SOME!!! Good psychology that is!!! Visit Tom's website and blog to learn about how his upcoming speaking events and inspirational blog posts can help you design a more fulfilling life.
read more

Roman New York
Leave a Legacy! You have a book or album and you want to get it to the public. Let Roman New York's publishing team make an audio book of your manuscript and distribute it as a virtual product online. Embrace the digital 'IPOD' revolution and get your work out there! Let the public decide if your book has merit...
read more

Roman Software
Our mission at Roman Software is to help people and companies put their dreams on the web. We creatively package one’s vision into a medium through which people find value and are willing to participate in their vision.
read more

Do you want to sell your products and services to a global market? If so, you need reliable webhosting. HostRoman offers the technology, reliability and most importantly, answers the phone when you call. If you want reliable business web hosting, then HostRoman. read more

New-Flash LLC
Are you searching for ways to recognize your athletes or employees? If you yearn for ways to show your appreciation in a new and memorable way, the team at New-Flash has good news for you. read more

New Venture Design LLC
Transform that amorphous vision in your head into a registered business with a comprehensive business plan. Our New Business Consultants are experts in conceiving ideas then developing and executing game plans. read more

Virtue Academy, School for Leaders
You are a leader. You have dreams and ambitions and wonder how to make them real. You are thinking of going back to school, but question as to whether you can make the time. Imagine the benefits of listening to the words of the greatest leaders of history, all while driving, in the gym and performing other physical activities. Learn why our students express that a fourth dimension of wisdom was opened to them, all during the same hours of the day. read more

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